Austin Brashears

Do it for the story...

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We would like to thank all of our family, friends, and the members of the various communities in which we live, work, worship, or serve for their love and support. From the moment this tragedy came to light, so many people have jumped into action doing anything and everything possible to relieve any burden or stress they could. Any attempt we could make to try and recognize all that have helped would simply fall short. We are profoundly grateful, humbled, and inspired for all that has been done on our behalf.

Austin lived his life to the fullest, bringing people together; he would have been proud of the way so many people from diverse groups have worked together.

Grieving the loss of a loved one is different for everyone. We all must come to terms with this tragic loss in our own ways. Our wish is that you remember Austin, his zest for life, and the way his smile could light up a room. In this spirit, take on a new adventure, step outside of your comfort zone, bring people together, and “do it for the story” in his memory.

Do it for the story.
Austin Brashears